Korn Guitarist Brian Welch And Lenny Kravitz Say ‘Holy Ghost’ Movie ‘Shows People The Real Christ’

Combining the band Korn or the rocker Lenny Kravitz with a Christian movie called Holy Ghost may sound like combining flames and gasoline, but Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch says the Kickstarter-funded project shows the world how God works in the real world.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, ever since Welch rejoined Korn last year, it could almost be said that Korn is half way to being a Christian band.

When director Darren Wilson started the film, he literally had no script, cast, or even planned locations for filming.

“This is a movie about risk,” Wilson said in the trailer. “I wanted to take the greatest risk possible as a filmmaker: To make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. No plan, no safety net… just show up wherever he needs me, find the adventure, and make God famous.”

The Kickstarter raised over $350,000 in 45 days, blowing past its goal and setting a record for money raised for a faith-based film. The project is also very unique in that they are offering viewings of the Holy Ghost movie completely free, although they expect the film to be so popular that people will purchase a DVD copy. They even filmed enough content to create a sequel called Holy Ghost Reborn, which will be released next year even though the current movie just released yesterday.

The movie is about how the Holy Spirit works through people and leads them, but Brian Welch says it will also show Christians in a different light than we are accustomed to seeing.

“Christians unfortunately have been given a bad rap,” said Welch. “I’m excited for real people to be able to talk about faith and not scare people away from it. It’s all about love and meeting God and having our eyes opened… ‘Holy Ghost’ is about people inviting God into their heart and life and going out into world and not staying in church judging people and how they live and saying ‘prepare for hell.’ We want to show people the real Christ.”

Holy Ghost was released for free on Bethel.TV this past Saturday, and there will be over 600 showings of the film across the world.

[Image via Variety]