WWE: Jim Cornette Blasts Leaked Monday Night RAW Script, Says Writers Have Ruined Wrestling

The recently leaked Monday Night RAW script has Jim Cornette going on a rampage on Twitter, ripping into the WWE creative writers for how they’ve overly scripted every single little detail into each event. But just how detailed can the scripts possibly be?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, this is not the first time in recent history that someone within the wrestling industry criticized the WWE writers. Matt Hardy says WWE creative “insults” viewers with their “absurd stories” and believes the stories need to provide the element of suspension of belief like The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, after WrestleMania 30 Danial Bryan’s “injury” should have made him the walking wounded considering he was supposedly needing a stretcher at one point, but he was fine just the next day. This detail had Dave Batista criticizing Vince McMahon for not properly “selling” the details necessary to tell a convincing story line.

In case you do not recognize the name, Jim Cornette is a retired American professional wrestling manager and commentator. After Cornette had a chance to take a chance at the leaked Monday Night RAW script this is what he had to say on Twitter.

“RAW “script” leaked on internet–28 pgs for 3 hrs–BULLS**T–best wrestling TV ever was 1 page format and let wrestlers do their jobs. If anyone wants to know what’s wrong with wrestling–it’s WRITERS! Jocksniffing comedy writers and 28 pg “scripts” ruined wrestling. Someone needs to tell this to the “Pyro” guy, he commends the comedy writers for their “work” which equals DEATH of the sport. In OVW if wrestlers or crew called the format a “script” I took them off the show until they learned better. WWE figured out how to make $350 million in the wrestling business–start with a billion!”

To give you an idea how detailed the leaked Monday Night RAW script is, it details out every single action and line those handed a microphone are supposed to say. This is not merely a general overview, it’s exact lines although since it’s a live performance everyone manages to flub a line here and there. For example, an almost heel-like John Cena was scripted to threaten Triple H with a lawsuit, although he was not supposed to scream in the face of HHH. Instead, the script called for a non-verbal reaction that implied he was ready to take on Brock Lesnar. Even Stephanie McMahon went off script briefly by saying the Bella twins intro music would be reserved for Nikki. AJ Lee also was not supposed to insult Triple H by calling him Stephanie’s “little husband” (makes you wonder if CM Punk is secretly feeding her lines?).

What do you think about Jim Cornette’s criticism of WWE creative? Do you think the WWE writers should be detailing every last little line or should they leave some freedom to the wrestlers?

[Image via NPR]