WWE: Ric Flair And Charlotte Say Andre The Giant ‘Drank 106 Beers In Five Hours’

Ric Flair and Charlotte have some interesting stories about wrestlers. It’s long been said that Andre the Giant could drink like a horse, but Flair says it’s all true and that he and his daughter saw it first hand for themselves.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Andre the Giant is at least as scary in the ring as Brock Lesnar if you go by what “Hot Rod” Roddy Piper has to say.

The above video was actually from a podcast recorded with Stone Cold Steve Austin about a year ago, but it’s only recently started to come to light after being uploaded to YouTube. At one point, Ric Flair says he was tasked with following Andre the Giant around and this is where stories of Andre’s beer drinking powers came about.

“One night in Charlotte I took him out,” Flair said. “And he drank 106 beers in five hours.”

Of course, that sounds like the stuff of urban legends. While Flair might be exaggerating, there are message boards which claim the following “facts” are true about Andre the Giant’s ability to guzzle.

  • Andre downed “a dozen or so” quarts of beer before a match.
  • He ran up a $40,000 bar tab in England while filming the Princess Bride.
  • He drank 119 beers in a single 6 hour sitting, taking a piss break between each case.
  • It took Andre 2 liters of vodka for him to get a buzz.
  • He drank 16 bottles of wine during a 4 hour bus ride.
  • He drank 40 vodka tonics after a bartender did last call. Andre didn’t want to leave, so the bartender agreed to stay as long as he was drinking. He polished off his 40th vodka tonic at around 5 am.
  • Andre drank 14 bottles of wine before his match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania.

Speaking of rumors, there is another idea going around that Ric Flair and Charlotte will be teaming up under the WWE roster, with the Nature Boy being a ring-side manager similar to Paul Heyman. The idea is that Charlotte will lose the NXT Divas title to Bayley at the WWE NXT Women’s Title match at Takeover 2 on September 11, 2014. Of course, just yesterday Bayley already won a non-title match at a NXT house show in Cocoa, Florida, but the televised airing of NXT on Hulu and WWE Network only shows Charlotte continuing to win against Bayley.