NORAD Scrambles Fighter Jets To Investigate Unresponsive Aircraft

N900KN Socata UPDATE 2:38p.m.: The unresponsive plane reportedly crashed of Jamaica. Still no information about the pilot or possible passengers onboard.

Ghost Plane UPDATE 2:11 p.m.: The unresponsive airplane NORAD jets were scrambled to monitor is about to leave Cuban airspace. The F-15 fighters are expected to resume following the Socate TBM-700 once is overshot Cuba. As the plane nears the end of its anticipated fuel supply, it is flying in the direction of Jamaica. According to Fox News breaking reports, the airplane is owned by Buckingham Properties in Rochester, New York. The owner of the company is a pilot, but Buckingham Properties is not releasing the name of the individual piloting the plane today, or the identities of any possible passengers, at this time. The unresponsive plane just recently deviated from its speed and altitude, according to Flight Aware. F-15 pilots believe they saw frost on the windows of the N900KN Socata TBM-700, indicating some type of pressurization may have occurred.

NORAD Scrambled Jets UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: The unresponsive aircraft just entered Cuban airspace. The American F-15 fighters had to stop following the plane. Cuban jets are now following the plane. According to Fox News breaking reports, it remains unknown who owns or is flying the Socata TBM-700 aircraft. The plane can reportedly hold a total of eight people, and the cockpit seats two.

NORAD scrambled two F-15 fighter jets to investigate an unresponsive aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The North American Aerospace Defense Command has identified the unresponsive aircraft as the Socata TBM-700 light business and utility aircraft. The plan reportedly departed from Rochester, New York and planned to land in Naples, Florida – according to the filed flight plan.

The NORAD jets are following the unresponsive aircraft and continuing to monitor the situation while communicating with the FAA.

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