Watch: Albino Cobra is Caught: {Video}

After four scary days of a dangerous, venomous albino monocled cobra being on the loose in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood in Los Angeles, it has finally been caught. The snake first reared its ugly head when it bit a Greyhound in the neck, sending the dog to the hospital in critical condition.

There has been a serious snake hunt ever since, according to the Los Angeles Animal Care and Control officers. The 5-foot-long cobra has been a serious threat to pets and humans in the area. CBS reports that the “California Department of Fish and Wildlife and LA Animal Services officers had posted informational fliers in the neighborhood and have urged residents to keep pets and children inside.” One bite from this deadly snake could kill a human in less than an hour.

Resident Tanya Gray happened to spot the cobra around 2:30 p.m. as she was driving by on her way to pick her daughter up from school. Tanya saw the cobra slithering across the road in front of her. She kept her cool and told the Los Angeles Times she pulled over and snapped pictures of the cobra while alerting the proper authorities.

“I went into action so I could keep track of it, so I could tell people where it was.”

Another resident spotted the fast-moving cobra and ran up to the KTLA News van and began banging on the window and frantically pointing to the back of the news van. Reporter Chris Wolfe thought the man was trying to tell him that there had been an accident behind the van opened his door and jumped out to find himself within five feet of the venomous snake, whose striking distance is easily two feet. The camera man begins filming.

It wasn’t long before Animal Care and Control officers were on the scene at Rancho Lane, which oddly enough, wasn’t very far from where the albino cobra was originally seen.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Animal Control officers saw the cobra near a fence, surrounded by debris at a tool shed. They had to use snake poles to hook the cobra. It was told at one point the cobra lifted its head and opened its mouth, making it extremely difficult to put the cobra into a wooden box.

The cobra was not happy and did not want to be disturbed. The officers had to make multiple attempts before being able to safely secure the cobra in the box, thanks to Animal Care and Control Lt. Fred Agoopi.

Brandon Dowling, a Los Angeles County spokesman, recalled the cobra’s temperament as not being docile.

“The snake was agitated obviously, because they were trying to move it. No one was injured though.”

Currently, the albino cobra is being contained at the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control shelter in Agoura Hills. The cobra will remain there until it can be picked up by the Los Angeles City Zoo.

The owner has yet to come forward and claim the albino cobra. Probably because in the state of California, the law states that a permit must be obtained to own exotic animals like this albino cobra. And even more rigid, it is against the law to own one in Los Angeles period.

Authorities have reached out to a local company about ten miles away from where this cobra was loose that rents out exotic animals for TV and movie purposes, and had even advertised they had an albino cobra for rent. But that company has yet to respond to any calls.

The greyhound that was bitten has since been released from the vet, and is said he will fully recover.

All’s well that ends well, they say. Thankfully, no one was bitten.

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