Arnold Schwarzenegger Commissions 8-Foot Tall Bronze Statues Of Himself

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves himself so much that he has commissioned a bronze statue maker to build at least 3 8-foot tall statues that will feature Arnold’s peak physical form.

Speaking to the New York Daily News bronze statue maker Arnie says he could ultimately make up to seven of the statues.

Apparently Arnold will keep at least one of the statues for himself while sending the others off to other locations around the world.

The statues are based off a 22-inch sculpture that was created by an artist in 1980 and shows Schwarzenegger flexing his biceps during one of his seven Mr. Olympia titles.

The first statue has already shipped to Arnold’s hometown where an Schwarzenegger museum stands. The second statue is expected to head to the location of the annual Arnold Fitness Weekend.

Do you think creating statues of himself is a hubris act? I for one wouldn’t want to stare all day at a reminder of how in shape I use to be during my younger days.