Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee Chan, Faces The Death Penalty Over China's War On Drugs?

Jackie Chan has a problem. The famous actor's son, Jaycee Chan, was arrested for possessing marijuana and aiding and abetting drug users despite the fact that Jackie is also China's narcotics ambassador, and thus, would represent China's war on drugs.

In China, drug trafficking is seen as having severe social consequences and is considered to be the same as killing people albeit indirectly. In the past, the average Chinese has applauded handing down the death penalty to drug traffickers, so will the son of Jackie Chan be made an example of?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even if Jaycee Chan only spends time in jail, his career as an actor is essentially over. A long list of entertainment management firms recently signed a deal with police saying they would not work with celebrities who break China's prostitution, gambling or drug abuse laws. Besides banning the younger Chan from movies for years, it's also possible there may be a ban on broadcasting any films or shows that Jackie Chan's son appeared in before this incident.

The entire ordeal started when Jaycee Chan and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung were caught smoking marijuana at a foot mass parlor in Beijing. Jaycee was caught with over three and a half ounces of marijuana in his possession in addition to testing positive for the illegal drug in his system. But what may put Jackie Chan's son in jail for years are the charges of harboring drug users and accommodating drug users, which is considered a serious offense in China.

Although Jackie Chan's son still remains behind bars, Kai was released after two weeks in a Beijing detention center, and he was shown on video crying while apologizing publicly for smoking marijuana.

"I was wrong on this issue. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for it. I was wrong. I never realized that Kai Ko is more than just a name for myself. It also means a lot to those who support and love me. It was out of my expectations that anything concerning 'Kai Ko' could have such a big impact on others."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Yang Fengrui, Deputy Secretary General of the National Narcotics Control Commission, claims that the general population in China actually supports executing marijuana traffickers. Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to "harshly crack down" on various crimes, even including drug users, although some critics believe this is a way of responding to the public's dissatisfaction over the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

The crackdown on illegal drugs also happens to coincide with a time where the United States is legalizing marijuana, and even religious leaders are saying the U.S. war on drugs needs to end. But in China, they consider increased police raids the best solution. Across China, there are 2.58 million registered drug users, although it is estimated there may be as many as 12 million or more people involved in illegal drug usage. Over a million of the drug users are using heroin although meth, Ecstasy and ketamine are all rising in popularity with the Chinese youth.

This means the arrested stars have become effective negative role models for the government's new war on drugs. Because Jaycee is Jackie Chan's son, it's assumed he will probably be able to dodge the death penalty due to his father's influence, but since Jackie is effectively now the new face of China's war on drugs, it's believed he will not get off too easy. This means the question still remains if China will choose to make Jaycee Chan the ultimate example.