‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Will Juice Die In Season 7?

The final season of Sons of Anarchy is set to debut in a matter of days, and fans can hardly stand the thought of this show ending. Everybody wants to know who will survive, with many quite worried about Juice’s future in particular. While Kurt Sutter never lets too many specific Sons of Anarchy spoilers slip out, there are some valuable details available already. Will Juice make it through the season alive?

According to TVLine, fans definitely should be worried about Juice. He covered up the fact that Gemma murdered Tara and he shot Sheriff Eli in the process. While he may get away with it at first, it all surely will catch up with him. Early previews have made it seem that Juice is in hiding as season 7 of SOA gets started, and it is known he at least makes it to the mid-season. Gemma will be protecting him in exchange for helping her, but this will surely spiral beyond what either one of them can control.

Sons of Anarchy spoilers indicate that episode 6 will bring some type of big revelation for Juice. Sutter teases, “It’s somewhat sad, but it explains his journey and why he is doing what he is doing.” Long-time fans know that Juice has faced unique struggles throughout his time with SAMCRO, almost killing himself at one point. He’s been pretty unsteady for some time now, and it seems this may push him over the edge.

Sutter adds that Juice is “sort of on this path that begins with him having some glimmer of hope.” However, “then when that doesn’t come to fruition, he’s just completely untethered and lost.” Sutter has previously teased that there are crazy, big events ahead for the middle of the season, and naturally many fans suspect this is where Juice will die. Viewers won’t have to wait until mid-season for things to wild, however, as the Sons of Anarchy spoilers and previews indicate that the brutality starts with the first moments of the new season.

Interestingly Sutter has been willing to reveal one very big Sons of Anarchy spoiler tidbit: two SAMCRO members will be dead by the end of the season, per Entertainment Weekly. Sutter added that he didn’t think there would be more than two club member deaths. Frankly if Juice weren’t one of those SAMCRO members to die, fans would be left about as shocked as they ever have been when it comes to this show, and that’s saying a lot. Which other club member will meet Mr. Mayhem? Online polls seem to look toward Tig or Rat as likely targets, though some even wonder about Jax himself.

It’s going to be a very wild ride to the finish line of SOA, that much is clear. Jax Teller is out for revenge, and there is no doubt that he will be a man on a mission who will do whatever it takes to avenge Tara’s death. When will he find out the specifics about what his own mother did to his wife? How will he find out? Stay tuned for more Sons of Anarchy spoilers as SOA season 7 gets starts on Sept. 9 for these final episodes of SAMCRO.

[Image via James Minchin/FX]