Needle Wielding North Korean Assassins Kill 2 People, Injures One

It might sound like a plot right out of a James Bond movie but in North Korea the idea of needle wielding assassins has quite possibly become a reality with two people murdered and one other person recovering in the last several weeks from the same symptoms.

All three of the attacks occurred in South Korea and according to one survivor of the attacks he felt a “prick” in his lower back before he collapsed.

In one case a South Korean pastor who helped North Koreans escape to China died after he fell over in the street, his face and fingers discolored.

While the three cases may have been seen as a coincidence, South Korean intelligence says they stopped a similar attack against an activist who sent anti-Kim Jong Il leaflets into North Korea.

According to a Seoul-based group it’s believed that Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of Kim Jong IL is behind the attacks. The group says he:

“Doesn’t fear international censure. He is only thinking about increasing his power within the system.”

In the meantime the dead pastor’s autopsy has not turned up any type of poisoning.

Would you put it beyond North Korea to employ needle wielding assassins?