Joan Rivers Propofol: Fatal Anesthesia Dose Caused Coma? MJ Comparisons Drawn

The latest news on Joan Rivers’ coma update is quite alarming. As previously reported by The Inquistir, a probe is underway to investigate the clinic where the 81-year-old stopped breathing a week ago. Newly sourced information suggests that investigators are eyeing the drug Propofol— the anesthesia connected to Michael Jackson’s death, as a cause behind Rivers’ hospitalization.

RadarOnline obtained information from insiders close to Joan Rivers that suggest investigators are not ruling out a fatal dose was administered to Rivers during surgery on her throat at the endoscopy clinic in New York.

“Certainly, they suspect the anesthesia was the issue, based on conversations between the staff and city medics.”

On August 28, Joan Rivers reported to the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic as part of a scheduled routine operation involving a common endoscope procedure, where doctors use a flexible tube with an attached camera to assist in the surgery.

At some point, Rivers stopped breathing and clinic staff tried frantically to resuscitate her by using a breathing tube inserted into her trachea. Paramedics arrived on the scene a short time later and assisted staff with CPR.

Although she began breathing, her condition was dire, according to the investigation source, who said Joan Rivers was in bad shape after she fell unconscious.

The comedianne was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in New York, where she remains, and placed in a medically-induced coma to assist with her recovery.

As days went by, family members and a grieving public held vigils in hopes of a speedy recovery. Additionally, celebrities left outpourings of love and support via social media sites like Twitter.

Wednesday, Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers released a statement and glimmer of hope in her mom’s prognosis. The public soon learned Joan was taken out of ICU and placed into a private room, where she continues to receive critical care.

Nonetheless, the source said the move was done because doctors believed there was no more to be done. What’s more, Melissa, faces the possible grim reality that she may have to authorize the removal of Joan Rivers’ life support systems soon if she fails to come out of her coma.

Should the rumors pan out about the direction of the clinic investigation and probe into a possible Propofol link, the case takes an astonishing turn.

The clinic in New York was established last year and was thoroughly inspected by health officials. Furthermore, since then, it has not had any complaints filed.

Reportedly, after a patient, who received a procedure at the same facility on the day Rivers suffered cardiac arrest, learned about her crisis, they quipped about the irony over the drug still being administered to patients.

“How ironic that Rivers was out from the Michael Jackson drug?”​​

This case draws many parallels to the death of MJ, who died in 2009 after he, too, stopped breathing. Propofol was said to be one of several drugs administered to the pop icon. His attending physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was charged for involuntary manslaughter.

In 2011, a jury found him guilty, and a judge sentenced him to four years in prison for playing a key role in Jackson’s death. However, he was released two years later and filed to have his medical license to practice reinstated.

Update: According to a CNN breaking news live report, Joan Rivers died moments ago.

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