‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Star Matt Bomer Is Ready For Creepy Clowns And Other Ryan Murphy Weirdness [Videos]

American Horror Story: Freak Show star Matt Bomer is more than ready to join Ryan Murphy’s menagerie of unusuals. But where does his character fit in among the creepy clowns, three-legged ladies, and contortionists crammed in cages?

The White Collar star recently talked to E! News about his mystery role, and he admitted that he’s still completely clueless about his American Horror Story: Freak Show character. However, he’s definitely not joining the cast to play the world’s handsomest man—he wants things to get really weird. “The freakier, the better,” Matt said of his role. “Bring it on!”

Bomer basically dared Ryan Murphy to throw something really crazy at him by saying that he’s up for anything on American Horror Story. “There’s not much out of my comfort zone anymore,” he revealed. It’s pretty obvious who women would want to see him play: a Fifty Shades of Grey-style BDSM fan. One of the Freak Show teaser trailers features a beautiful contortionist in a cage, so perhaps she could be his very flexible submissive.

Emma Roberts also recently talked about her American Horror Story: Freak Show role, and it sounds like there’s a good chance that she might be playing a contortionist. She told E! News that her character doesn’t look like a freak on the surface, but she might be hiding something that makes her a popular sideshow attraction. You can’t tell that a contortionist can turn herself into a human pretzel unless she starts bending her body, so this is definitely a possibility.

Emma Roberts didn’t offer any other clues about her character, but she did drop a hint about how horrifying American Horror Story: Freak Show will be by comparing it to AHS: Coven.

“I have to say, ‘Freak Show’ is really scarier… I read the script and I was having nightmares.”

The script must be just as terrifying as the latest teasers. One of them features a creepy clown with sharp teeth, black eyes, and a smudged smile that suddenly morphs into a silent scream. He’s way more petrifying than Pennywise.

A second teaser features another crown wearing a menacing mask, and a third showcases the talents of a tatted-up sword swallower. The latter is rather tame in comparison to the other two teasers.

There’s probably a reason Ryan Murphy is sent in the clowns for these latest teasers. As The Inquisitr previously reported, American Horror Story: Freak Show will feature a twisted clown villain played by John Carroll Lynch. Perhaps he’ll be playing a serial killer clown a la John Wayne Gacy.

Other Freak Show characters include Michael Chiklis’ strongman, Kathy Bates’ bearded lady, Angela Bassett’s three-breasted woman, Denis O’Hare’s collector of freaks, Jessica Lange’s freak show manager, Sarah Paulson’s conjoined twins, and world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amge.

After seeing the latest terrifying trailers, has the wait for the return American Horror Story become even more unbearable? Freak Show premieres on October 8 on FX.

[Image credit: FX]