Is James Franco Going Bald, Too?

Have you ever been ensnared by James Franco’s good looks? Well, we hope you like the bald look. The actor announced his new hairless head on his Instagram account on Wednesday evening with a series of photos. A before and after comparison allows you to decide for yourself if bald Franco is a good Franco.

James’ haircut decision is in preparation from his new film Zeroville, based on the acclaimed novel by Steve Erickson about one of the most tormented eras for the film industry — the 1970s. Bad A** Digest reported that Franco has been sitting on the rights to the book for a long time. Fans of the original work who had lost hope will hopefully be able to see the adaptation within the next few years.

Zeroville‘s story is a globe-trotter; jumping from Los Angeles to New York to Madrid to Oslo to Cannes. Vikar, the main character played by Franco, is a deeply passionate man who lives in a constant dreamlike state due to his love of movies. In fact, on James’ bald head will go the tattoo of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun that Vikar sports in the novel.

James Franco posts hairless selfies
James Franco shaves head for upcoming movie about film.

Upon its release in 2007, the novel earned a steady stream of accolades from critics — setting expectations high for a movie whose press campaign has been kicked off by James’ shaved head selfie.

New York Times critic Leisl Schillinger said about the novel:

“Terse, fanciful, dreamlike and sometimes nightmarish, this remarkable novel will test you and tease you and leave you desperate to line up at Film Forum (or hunt down Erickson’s top 150 on DVD) so you can submit yourself to the celluloid bonds that hold Vikar and his creator such willing captives.”

Faith in James Franco’s ability to pull off an adaptation is shaky after tepid reviews and audience reaction for his version of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying released last year. Franco has been busy elsewhere on the creative sides of his films as of late as well — with an adaptation of his book Palo Alto hitting screens last year and an upcoming movie Michael about former gay rights activist Michael Glatze. James also underwent a makeover in the latter that turned his dark hair to blond.

[Photos via and Comedy Central]