Newborn Baby Proudly Smiles In Viral Photo And You’ll Never Guess Why!

Al Ferguson was excited to take some adorable photos with his newborn son, but he probably couldn’t have predicted what happened during the photoshoot. According to Today, Al was holding his sleeping, naked baby in his arms for a classic black and white shot. The first shot that he shared with the world was simply beautiful… but the next shot… was less than pleasant. The more you look at it, however, the funnier it gets. Al’s son, you see, pooped on him.

Al said that he knew it was coming because he felt the baby’s stomach tense up. At that point, however, it just happened, and there wasn’t any way to stop it.

“It happened within a second. As I felt his stomach tense, in the back of your head you know he’s about to go poo, and then before you know it … he’s doing it.”

As you can see, Al Ferguson and baby Ted both have pretty priceless looks on their faces in the projectile poop photo. Photographer Kirsty Grant was able to capture the moment perfectly — somehow making something pretty gross seem cute in a way.

Although you can’t see Al’s eyes, you can almost tell what he’s thinking… “did that really just happen?” And perhaps the best part of the whole photo — if you can get past the streaming mess coming from Ted’s bottom — is the baby’s face. Yes, baby Ted was sporting a huge smile as he relieved himself all over his dad!

And not only did Grant catch the great shot, she also was able to save the rug…

“It’s not the kind of carpet that can be cleaned particularly easily, but the photographer did an amazing thing — she reached down for a nappy, picked it up, then went to put it over Ted’s bum to stem the flow.”

According to Someecards, the photo of the pooping baby has gone viral. Another viral video this week involved a cat’s encounter with a herd of deer. The video is pretty funny and has been viewed over 1.3 million times on YouTube. According to The Inquisitr, the video is totally worth the watch. And don’t worry, no animals get hurt.

[Photo courtesy of Kirsty Grant via Twitter]