WWE News: WCW Sign Not The Reason Fan Was Kicked Out

It's the WCW sign heard around the world, and according to initial reports -- including those propagated by some of my colleagues here at The Inquisitr -- it's what got a fan kicked out of Monday Night Raw in Des Moines, Iowa.

But as they say, there are two sides to every story, and in this case, it appears to be that the fan in question was full of it.

According to a number of man-on-the-ground reports from fans who were at the show, the WCW sign was in no way, shape or form the reason he was removed. Instead he was apparently acting drunk and obnoxious, Cageside Seats reports.

But even if you don't believe the eyewitness reports, you need look no further than a series of Reddit posts from the man himself. Not exactly top-of-the-food-chain intelligence:

"I got threatened with arrest. They tried getting my id for records. [expletive] the entire company. They kicked me out because of the sign. It's fine that I got kicked out but trying to bully me. Bring it. The piece of [expletive] guy in the suit with the WWE logo on his suit is a little [expletive] yes man for Vince. They threatened me with everything in the the book and I walked out of the arena on my own will. [expletive] Vince trips and Steph suck my [expletive][expletive] you [expletive]"
For the uncensored version, which is as hard to read for the poor grammar as it is the foul language, you can check out a painstaking reproduction from our friends at EWrestlingNews.

If the WCW sign holder is like this sober on the Internet where one has the opportunity to think about what they're going to say before they post their comments for the entire world to read, then we're thinking he isn't that pleasant to be around face-to-face, nor is he the most trustworthy individual.

While much can be said for WWE's lack of storytelling direction, and they can also be criticized thoroughly for the inexplicable urge to bury talent, we've got to side with the company on this one.

But what about you, readers? Do you think WWE acted rashly and physically removed the man for carrying a WCW sign, or do you think this is a case of a fan having too much to drink and then ranting on the Internet while he was still trying to sober up?

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