ISIS Power Grid Threat Voiced By Electrical System Experts

ISIS is threatening to destroy the power grid, which would likely cause a tens of millions of deaths. The power grid failure itself would not kill Americans, but what will likely happen in the days that follow. Politicians in Washington, D.C. have long been warned about the vulnerabilities of the country’s most fragile piece of infrastructure – bills designed to address the matter still languish in committee.

Former government officials are fearful that ISIS militants are “poised” to attack the power grid, according to News Oklahoma. If the power grid fails, tractor-trailers would no longer be able to haul food or medicine around the nation, hospital generators would run dry, police, fire departments, and EMS squads would be left with non-functioning vehicle. Fires would rage unchecked as overwhelmed firefighters struggle to keep up with the need, police officers would become overly-taxed as well when civil unrest begins. The Ferguson riots would likely see calm compared what could occur when grocery stores run out of food and credit cards and ATM machines are deemed useless.

Dr. Peter Pry, one of the foremost experts on the power grid in the United States, had this to say about ISIS power grid threats during a Wednesday press conference with other learned electrical system researchers:

“Inadequate grid security, a porous U.S.- Mexico border, and a fragile transmission system make the electric grid a target for ISIS.”

Pry went on to state that ISIS fighters would not even need to venture into the United States to take down the power grid. He believes the Islamic State militants could hire Mexican gangs, such as the Knights Templar, to do the job for them. The same gang has reportedly taken out the power network in 11 Mexican cities using nothing more than conventional weapons.

Dr. William R. Forstchen appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show Tuesday evening to talk about the threat Islamic State militants pose to the United States. Day of Wrath, a number one bestseller Forstchen released just two weeks ago, addressed the ISIS threat on soft targets in America. Forstchen is also the author of One Second After, a bestselling novel about life after the power grid fails.

Forstchen had this to say during the Van Susteren interview:

“ISIS uses asymmetrical warfare, they are masters of social media. In my book, Day of Wrath, I outline a scenario focusing on soft targets. What are the soft targets in our culture? American schools, American churches, American synagogues. ISIS will not stop simply because there is a sign on the door saying “No Guns Zones.’ We need to rethink the security of our schools immediately because they’re already inside this country.”

While speaking with The Inquisitr the day after his book was released, Forstchen said he decided to release the novella via Amazon Kindle due to concerns if he went the traditional publishing route the book designed to be a warning, would come too late.

According to estimates cited by a Congressional commission researching power grid down scenarios, about 90 percent of the American population would die within 12 months of a nationwide blackout. If the power grid suddenly failed and terrorists who took down the system were wandering around America, could you make it home? Would your family survive? My new book, Power Grid Down: How To Prepare, Survive & Thrive After The Lights Go Out was created to address questions.

How concerned are you about the ISIS power grid threat? Are you prepared to survive in a world without electricity?

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