Billy Miller's 'General Hospital' Role Confirmed: Colleagues And Fans React To Jason Morgan Casting

Stacy Carey

The big Billy Miller General Hospital casting news has finally been confirmed, and fans are going wild. From the looks of the reactions online, it's not just the GH fans who have some strong opinions on this news. Miller's got a great reputation as a hard-working and talented actor, and it seems his colleagues over in the world of Port Charles are pretty excited to have him aboard. There are no specific General Hospital spoilers regarding the date of Miller's debut in the role of Jason Morgan as of yet, however, so for now fans will have to stay tuned.

As long-time soap opera fans know, Billy Miller's General Hospital gig comes after very successful stints on both The Young & the Restless as Billy Abbott and All My Children as Richie Novak. Many Y&R fans were extremely upset when Y&R let Miller go, apparently over his desire to have more flexibility to tackle other projects. Almost immediately, speculation and buzz built that perhaps Billy could head to GH, but for months nothing seemed to solidify on that front. Now, it has.

Executive producer Frank Valentini finally confirmed what many had been aching to hear for months: Billy Miller is General Hospital'snew Jason Morgan.

Now that it's official, Miller's colleagues are celebrating publicly. Michelle Stafford, another steal from The Young & the Restless, clearly is quite excited. Once the announcement was made Stafford tweeted "THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE #GH NEWS TODAY!!!" and the rest of the characters in the post were hearts, kissy faces, rainbows and other celebratory emoticons.

She added "#Billymiller lovers!!!!!" at the end, and later tweeted, "Together again y'all!!!!! SO excited!! So excited 4 billy to join this already STELLAR group of actors!!"

So, clearly Michelle Stafford is jazzed to be working with Billy Miller on General Hospital. Could there be some interesting storylines ahead that throw Jason Morgan and Nina Clay together? Some GH fans may have to ponder that one, as there do seem to be some interesting possibilities with that combination. What about Kelly Monaco's reaction? She hasn't tweeted anything about the news yet, so fans will have to stay tuned to see what will surely be explosive scenes ahead between Sam and Jason once Miller is back on-screen.

GH star Maura West tweeted a picture of herself with Miller and wrote, "Miller High Life" once the news was official, so it looks like she's excited too. West is another one who had crossed paths with Billy during the Y&R days when she played Diane Jenkins. Will there be some Ava and Jason action coming up too? Fans can certainly envision some juicy storytelling that could involve those two characters, and viewers can't wait to get going with it.

All of that excitement leads fans to beg for one more piece of information: when will Billy Miller's General Hospital days begin? It seems that ABC reps are only dishing out a "stay tuned" when it comes to that question, so there is no specific date released yet. Some earlier General Hospital spoilers and speculation indicated that it would be a bit later this fall before the character of Jason Morgan returned, and that does appear to be how this will play out.

What do you think of Billy Miller's General Hospital role confirmation? Die-hard Jason Morgan/Steve Burton fans are having a hard time with this one, it seems, but many others are excited to see how this will come together.

[Image via TV Source Magazine]