September 3, 2014
Joan Rivers Career Over? If Joan Pulls Through, Rehab Could Take Years

Joan Rivers' career might be over, according to a report by The New York Daily News. The comedian is still on life support at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, New York, but sources say that if she pulls through, she will need to undergo years of rehab. This not only suggests that Rivers may never be the same after this health scare, but also suggests that Joan may be spending the rest of her days in hospital or in a rehab facility.

Several sources told the Daily News that if Rivers pulls through, she's in for a rehab process that could take months or even years and would keep her out of the public eye.
Joan Rivers has been in the hospital for six days now. The Fashion Police star suffered cardiac arrest during a medical procedure on her vocal chords at a New York area clinic last week. Despite several rumors about Joan getting better, her daughter Melissa Rivers released a statement Tuesday, letting everyone know that her mother was on life support. And that she has not been taken off despite reports to the contrary.

According to REUTERS, a patient on life support needs assistance to stay alive. Dr. Steven Simpson, a critical care specialist at the University of Kansas Hospital, explained that life support is used to keep the patient's vital organs (heart, liver, lungs) working.

Most often when a doctor puts a patient on life support, I would imagine that means they are on a ventilator and possibly some other combination for the support for the heart and the kidneys.
Many times when a patient is on life support, they show little to no brain function. This means that the person is in a vegetative state. If doctors shut off the machines, the patient would more than likely pass away. If a patient on life support has a curable condition, there is a chance that their body would resume normal function after the machine is stopped. However, many don't believe that Joan is going to come out of this -- and if she does, the rest of her life will be quite different.

Joan Rivers needs a miracle at this point. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Melissa Rivers has been completely overwhelmed by all of the love and support for her and her mother during this difficult time. Many believe that Melissa will be forced to make a decision about her mother's health, specifically about whether or not to keep her mom on life support, in the coming days.

[Photo courtesy of Charles Sykes/Bravo]