September 3, 2014
Antonio Flores Narcisso Stabs Texas Roommate For Having Birthday Sex Too Loud In Threesome

Antonio Flores Narcisso, a San Antonio resident, stabbed his roommate for having sex too loud in a nearby bedroom. According to KHOU and Ken's 5, the San Antonio police arrived at the home, where they found a Texas man suffering from multiple stab wounds. The 36-year-old roommate received stab wounds to the head, hand and back. Police have charged deadly roommate Antonio Flores, aka Antonio Flores Narcisso, "with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit felony force," a police document stated.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by KHOU, Antonio Flores Narcisso became infuriated when he kept hearing loud sex noises coming from the other bedroom in the house May 8. Flores Narcisso was aware that his roommate was in the room having a threesome.

Kicking down the door, Antonio Flores forced his way in and found his roommate in bed with two women at the same time. That is when police say Antonio Flores confronted his roommate and demanded that he cut down on the sex noises. His roommate told him to get out.

Next, Antonio Flores became so angry that he went back to retrieve a knife from the kitchen, and then proceeded to stab his roommate several times. The women confirmed the assailant's identity in a photo lineup, law enforcement officials say.

The victim, who was celebrating his birthday, was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries.The bizarre sex story evoked several comments from Facebook readers.

"Bitter party of ONE"

"Sounds like someone was jealous. Lol"

"Mayb he was abused n brought bak terrible memories... or mayb i watch to much law n order svu"

"This guy will get plenty of sex now and do the screaming"

"He could've just asked him to try to be more quiet. Also, turning on a radio may have helped. I guess it's too late for suggestions now."

Antonio Flores is being held in the Bexar County Jail, police sources say.

In April 2014, the New york Daily News reported that a 42-year-old Italian lover was arrested and jailed for six months after he was found guilty of having sex too loud for his neighbors. According to the complaint, 12 of the Italian lover's neighbors complained that the moaning and screaming coming from the man's condo was disturbing the peace. The judge agreed.

The subject of birthday sex is discussed in the famous 2009 song by Jeremih. The topic of noisy lovemaking and noisy sex is also featured in 2004's Six Feet Under: Episode "Falling Into Place."

In 2012, the Inquisitr reported the story of an angry man who recorded his neighbor's sexual noises and posted them online to get them to cease the noise.