Injured Hiker Survives 4 Days Alone In The Desert

While it’s not quite the same 127 hours James Franco’s character spent out in the desert another real life story of the human spirit has been revealed. A North Carolina man who broke his ankle in the desert spent 4 days crawling back to his parked car.

According to reports Amos Wayne Richard, 64, is recuperating nicely after he fell 10 feet and snapped his ankle while hiking at Little Blue John Canyon.

Richards also managed to dislocate his shoulder during the fall but then managed to work it “back into place.” Using his GPS devices the hiker was then able to drag himself almost 5 miles to his car while surviving on just two protein bars. To survive the harsh conditions of the desert Richards filled his bottles with rainwater during chilly nights.

Discovering his empty campsite, park rangers eventually went on a helicopter rescue mission and discovered the hiker when he used the flash from his camera to alert them of his exact whereabouts.

According to rangers the biggest problem Richards faced was the fact that he didn’t tell anyone he was going hiking, the type of action that can often end with tragic results.

Do you have an “emergency plan” when you go hiking on your own?