Kyle Busch Claims Victory During NASCAR Truck Series

Kyle Busch Motorsports racked up another win this weekend, this time with Busch behind the wheel during a NASCAR truck series.

According to Busch his sponsors want a “guaranteed appearance in victory lane” and Busch is about as close as anyone can get to a guaranteed win in the Truck Series. During his impressive victory over the weekend the NASCAR star led for all but 10 laps in one of the most dominating 2011 victory of the Truck Series.

After claiming his victory lap at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Busch joked:

“It was fun for us, maybe not for others.”

Between his Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Trucks races Kyle Busch has managed to rack up 18 victories this season and his track series win gives him 30 lifetime victories in the series and his sixth of the season.

Speaking about what the future holds Busch predicts he’ll add another great performance during next weekends Sprint Cup series:

“A lot of the feel that I’ve been looking for in my Cup car I felt this weekend in my truck,” while adding, “We made a lot of changes to my Cup car over the weekend this weekend. We’re vastly different than we’ve ever run here in the past. I’m hoping it doesn’t bite us, but I can’t see us going in the wrong direction.”

Cars, trucks, various series, is there anything this guy can’t do.

Do you feel like Busch’s victory this weekend was one of the more dominating truck series wins of the 2011 racing season?