Kate Gosselin Ignores Custody Rumors, Focuses On Getting Kids Back In School Mode

Kate Gosselin has been a busy mom — of eight — getting her kids back to school this week. If you follow the reality star on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that she is ultra-focused on the September-grind. Meanwhile, there are several rumors circulating that she is keeping her brood away from their dad, Jon Gosselin. Kate hasn’t even given the rumors a second thought — not publicly anyway.

Kate Gosselin probably isn’t going to respond to the rumors whether they are true or not. However, it’s likely that the rumors are not true, and the story was just sold to the media for money. Perhaps the kids didn’t see their dad last week because they had too much going on because of back-to-school. Surely Kate isn’t going to just up and say her kids are forbidden to see their dad, right? Love her or hate her, Kate is a smart woman. She would never put herself in jeopardy of losing her children… ever.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a source close to Jon Gosselin recently told Life & Style Magazine that Jon wanted to take Kate to court in an attempt to obtain full custody of his kids. While that may be his hope, the chances of it actually happening are so slim.

Kate Gosselin hasn’t had the best relationship with her ex-husband — and maybe that’s an understatement. However, her kids are old enough to know that is going on, and if they want to see their dad, they are going to voice those opinions. Mady and Cara are definitely capable of telling someone at school if they were forbidden to contact their dad — if it was true, that news would be out to the press so fast.

And so the Gosselin life goes on. According to WebProNews, Kate posted a photo of her eight kids and the family’s dog, Shoka, last week — and everyone was smiling — yes, even the dog! Those certainly didn’t look like the faces of distressed children by any means.

[Photo courtesy of X17online.com via FOX News]