Obama Approval Rating Poll: Approval Numbers In California Drop

Obama’s approval rating poll numbers among Californians have dropped again. According to a recent report, only 45 percent of potential voters in California approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing.

According to Rasmussen polls, Gallup and Polling Numbers, Obama’s approval ratings have slumped in the polls for the most part of 2014 on a national level. However, one state that overwhelmingly supported the POTUS in both presidential terms, hit another milestone — and Democrats have much to worry about the optics of the White House.

Based on the most current Field Poll, more than 50 percent of voters in California (Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party and Independents) are happy about President Obama’s job performance.

This political bombshell represents a five-point decline from June poll numbers. What is more, the dramatic drop in Obama’s presidential approval ratings represents a record low in the state, as NewsMax wrote.

Data collected from a cross-section of nearly 1,300 voters was collected in the last two months of August. Questions were presented in six languages and dialects that represent a mix of the voting public.

What’s behind the drop in Obama’s California approval rating? Based on poll exit data, it appears that the POTUS is suffering from a diminished support level that accounted for his dominance in previous elections.

Experts say Liberals in densely-populated areas, who have a lot at stake based on hot-button issues legislatures currently face (immigration, same-sex marriage, jobs, subsidy programs, Obamacare and others), are putting their support in reverse.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, weighed in on the president’s floundering support.

Obama’s popularity couldn’t get much lower among Republicans, but this is his base that’s leaving him: liberals, people in the bay area and Los Angeles. And the people who typically are paying the most attention (to national affairs) are the most unhappy.”

President Obama doesn’t have a war to contend with as did his predecessors, but many say he is soft on issues that require robust military intervention: Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, ISIS, North Korea, Iran (Nuclear program) and other Middle Eastern issues.

With Barack Obama’s approval rating poll numbers sinking, there is speculation that Democrats have a lot to worry about in the November elections. Potential rallying moments of this president have surfaced (Michael Brown shooting, global terrorism, Immigration Reform), but many think Obama is either too soft or neutral on issues that matter most.

Share your thoughts about the current poll. Will it have a lasting effect in the 2016 Elections?

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