Jennifer Aniston Is Not Planning To Have A Baby With Justin Theroux Any Time Soon

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are definitely one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood today with the latest gossip columns claiming that no babies are on the horizon anytime soon for the pair.

There has been speculation on-and-off for a while regarding pregnancy rumors surrounding the Friends star after she appeared in public wearing clothes that accentuated her midsection, and has been said to appear to have a baby bump.

Enstarz reported that an inside source said that as well as their wedding plans being on hold, the same applies to the prospect of a bigger family.

The source spoke to Us magazine‘s print edition about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, revealing:

“Justin and Jennifer are no closer to tying the knot than they were the day he slipped a 10-carat diamond on her finger two years ago. The vibe is that the wedding can wait. They are loving the engagement. If they do have a wedding, Jen and Justin want something casual. As for kids, at this point Jen does not want children. Jen loves where she is in her life right now.”

So if that source is to be believed, Jennifer and Justin are enjoying chilling with each other without feeling the need to rush down the aisle and tie the knot, or to have the pitter-patter of tiny feet around the house.

Another reason that Aniston has been in the news recently, as reported by the Express, is due to some serious “cyber-bullying” that she has been subjected to on the internet. The publication revealed that Aniston spoke about how the bullying had affected her:

“You do the best you can but it feels like it’s getting worse and very nasty because of bullying on the Internet. Even movie critics don’t just comment on the film, they tear people apart on a human level. I don’t know why that is happening but it is…we just stay home so there really isn’t anything to report.”

Sad, really, that Jennifer Aniston is too scared to go out too much in public for fear of the media reporting a story about her that could lead to more cyber-bullying. Has it really come to this — that celebrities are too scared of the media to show their faces in public? Let’s hope not.