Dethroned Myanmar Beauty Queen Myat Noe Demands Apology In Return For $100,000 Crown

Last week, The Inquisitr had reported about the bizarre case of Myat Noe – the first beauty queen from Myanmar (also known as Burma in the past). Myat Noe had won the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 beauty pageant back in May. She was back in the news last week following an accusation that Noe had fled Korea with her crown worth $100,000. She was also stripped of her title, and the organizers behind the pageant demanded that she hand over the expensive crown given to her after her victory back to them.

There were accusations that the organizers had done so because they were not happy with her looks – particularly her breast size – which was deemed to be “very small.” The organizers had even offered to pay Myat Noe for an augmentation surgery. However, after the pageant, the relationship between Myat Noe and the organizers was strained to the breaking point, leading to her disqualification. They also demanded that she hand them over the crown. However, Myat, who had already left South Korea, remained untraceable over the course of the past week, leading to rumors that the lady had fled with the crown. There were also reports that she would be holding a press conference announcing her stand.

The press conference did happen and in that Myat Noe demanded that the organizers of the pageant apologize to her. She added that she would only hand the crown back to them after she receives an apology from them. Ms. Moe was visibly emotional all through the press conference, reports BBC News.

She denied allegations by the organizers of the pageant that she had “runaway” with the crown. She clarified that she had boarded the flight back to Myanmar without realizing that she was stripped of her title. The organizers also made her lie about her actual age and pressed her for cosmetic surgery, she claimed. Myat Noe claims she is only 16 years old.

It is unclear whether the organizers of the pageant will bow down to Myat Noe’s demands.

Myat Moe was the first ever international beauty queen from Myanmar – an isolated county in South East Asia.

[Image Via Mia.Mk]