Pregnant NY Woman Slain: 31-Year-Old Woman And Her Unborn Child Killed In Shooting

A pregnant NY woman was slain in Long Island on Saturday evening. According to Travelers Today, Milagro G. Canjura, 31, was found inside a 2011 Toyota Camry just before 9 p.m. Police have not identified any suspects in the case. It is unclear who would have wanted to kill Canjura, but it appears as though she was the intended target.

“Canjura was then rushed to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore via Brentwood Legion Ambulance. Unfortunately, both Canjura, who was six months pregnant according to her friends, and her unborn daughter died in the cold bloodied murder dubbed as the pregnant NY woman slain case.”

The pregnant woman who was slain in NY may have had someone after her. According to the report, a drive-by shooting occurred at her home a few weeks earlier, but no one was hurt. It is unknown if police are looking in to who Canjura had contact with before her death, but it does sound like the suspect or suspects knew Canjura and wanted her dead for unknown reasons.

A witness recalled the scene.

“In cold blood. That’s the part that disturbs me. They shot this young lady in cold blood. And the most disturbing part of this whole thing that was going on last night is to come out to the corner of the yard, and you could actually see her body slumped over. Breaks my heart.”

According to The New York Times, friends have taken to Canjura’s Facebook page to leave messages and kind words. The focus was clearly on her unborn child; a baby girl as evidenced by a sonogram picture with a pink bow placed on the the baby’s head. It is unknown if Canjura had any other children.

Long Island has been in the news a couple of times lately. According to The Inquisitr, a family of five was killed in a fatal car crash just last week.

“Police say all five occupants died in the single car crash after the vehicle struck a tree and burst into flames at Exit 38 in North Babylon, according to accident investigators with the New York State Police Department.”

The pregnant NY woman slain was killed in a shooting while this family of five was killed in an accident, but neither situation is more tragic than the other. Sadly, too many lives have been lost due to tragedies of all kinds.

[Photo courtesy of Milagro Canjura / Facebook]