Increasing Number Of Female Muslim Converts Reportedly Joining ISIS To Wage Jihad

It almost sounds like a bad joke. Sally Jones, a 45-year-old mother-of-two from Kent in southeast England, met a Jihadist online and moved to Syria. Now she is reported as having said she wants to behead Christians with a blunt knife and put their heads on railings.

Sadly, it’s not a joke, not even a bad one It is very much real as increasing numbers of female Muslim converts become radicalized.

AFP reported today that Jones, who is now known as Sakinah Hussain or Umm Hussain al-Britani, travelled to Syria after having formed an online romance with a convicted 20-year-old computer hacker called Junaid Hussain.

The Sunday Times reported that Jones used social media, Twitter in this case, to get her message out there, and her message is simple — if not just a touch barbaric and hurtful.

“You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railing at raqqa… Come here I’ll do it for you!”

Anyone fancy a one-way trip to Syria to go see Sally Jones so she can behead you with a blunt knife? Only if you’re Christian, of course. And hey, what about Jews, Sally? If they come for a long weekend in Syria, will they also get beheaded and their heads stuck on a pole? If not, that would be terribly anti-Semitic of you.

Not surprisingly, ole’ Sally isn’t the only British Muslim convert who is thirsty for some Christian blood. Last week, another female British jihadist known as Khadijah Dare, who is now reportedly in Syria, tweeted that she wanted to be the first woman to kill a British or U.S. “terrorist.”

Not very British of you Sally and Khadijah. Whatever happened to cups of tea with milk and scones with cream?

O.K.. so perhaps that’s a bad joke. But the threat of terror attacks on American and British civilians at the hands of ISIS is not a joke. It’s very real, especially following the brutal beheading on camera of American journalist James Foley.

The reasons why apparently normal middle-aged British women are joining the barbaric ranks of ISIS are not immediately obvious. Are they living out some fantasy? Are they simply fed up with their humdrum lives and seeking excitement?

Whatever the answer, feel sorry for their partners. With women like that, best not upset them too much.

And watch where you keep the kitchen knives!