ISIS Laptop Found In Syria Reveals Plans To Weaponize Bubonic Plague For Mass Terror Attacks

Addam Corré

A laptop computer belonging to ISIS, which was found by Syrian rebels and passed on to US intelligence officials, is causing serious concern as it shows that the radical Islamist terror group may be planning a chemical or biological attack soon.

Last Friday, Foreign Policy reported that the laptop was found in the city of Idlib in north-western Syria, near the Turkish border after fierce battles in which other resistance groups captured the area and occupied an ISIS post.

The Independent in Britain reported yesterday that the computer belonged to a Tunisian national who had studied chemistry at two different universities in Tunisia before leaving for Syria to join the ranks of ISIS fighters in the country.

On further investigation of the laptop, intelligence agents discovered thousands of documents in French, English and Arabic, as well as all the things you'd expect to find on an ISIS owned laptop, such as old videos of Osama Bin Laden, a guidebook for building a bomb and stealing a vehicle, and how jihadists should use disguises and fake identities to travel from country to country without being caught.

New York Magazine reported that after searching the computer thoroughly, experts came to the worrying conclusion that the laptop's owner had clearly taught himself how to build chemical and biological weapons, which could potentially mean deadly attacks in the region or further afield.

The most alarming revelation on the ISIS laptop was the fact it detailed how to weaponize the Bubonic Plague and other viruses that would have an even greater effect than that of a localized chemical attack.

The instructions on the computer read:

"The benefits of a biological weapon are that it doesn't come up often, and the losses are massive. When a mouse is injected by the bacteria, the symptoms of the disease begin to show after 24 hours. It's best to use in places like underground trains or soccer fields and it can be used in a suicide attack as well."

The Fatwa, as it's called in Islam, explained:

"If the Muslims can't overwhelm the infidels in any other way, they are allowed to use weapons of mass destruction to kill everyone and erase them and their descendants from the earth."

The US, as well as Europe, will be on full alert in ten days time on September 11th, hoping that no more Islamic terror will be felt by the citizens of the free world and certainly not a chemical or biological threat.

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