Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Fart Remix Is A Thing Of Sophomoric Beauty [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s rump-centric music video for “Anaconda” has taken the internet by storm. As of this writing, the official Vevo clip has amassed over 108 million views. What does this mean? People love butts, and they simply will not lie.

Since musicians can’t release anything these days without someone releasing a goofy parody or a misguided cover, a savvy editor with perhaps a little too much free time took some of the more interesting elements from Minaj’s latest video and incorporated a ton of farts. Yes, farts. After all, gastrointestinal humor is still extremely funny to certain people — this writer included. Feel free to bail on this article now if you wish.

The folks over at Towleroad point out that most people will get a chuckle or two out of the Nicki Minaj fart video, particularly if the sound of flatulence makes them giggle like schoolgirls. The original “Anaconda” video is admittedly ridiculous, though you really don’t appreciate its oddness until all of those jiggling backsides start to expel gas.

When you’ve adequately prepared yourself for this Nicki Minaj remix, check out the clip embedded below. Warning: Since there’s still a fair amount of rump-shaking taking place, we wouldn’t recommend playing this one at work. Consider this your final warning.

As of this writing, the wildly inappropriate “Anaconda (Fart Remix) has approximately 4 million views. Although the clip sports an impressive number of views and a fair amount of “likes,” most of the comments on YouTube are overwhelmingly negative. Nicki Minaj fans aren’t impressed, and they’re not above telling everyone who childish they are for watching this thing. Guilty as charged, Nicki fans. Guilty as charged.

“She. Got. More. Money. Then. Anyone. On. Here. Do. You. Really. Think. She. Cares. Who. Made. This. Grow. Up. S**t. Bricks,” one user opined.

Another excitable commenter exclaimed, “Potty humor. LOL if you find this funny! Your a f**king basic b***h loser. You will laugh at ANYTHING! How are farts funny??? Wow.. I can not believe people find this funny…… how sad. Grown adults. Find this funny???? Tick tock. Waste of your precious time…. your done. Dead.”

While even we have to admit that the fart-saturated Nicki Minaj remix is a bit childish, it’s not nearly as mind-numbingly disturbing as the so-called “Hannah Conda” that made the rounds not too long ago. If you’re at all curious to see what Miley Cyrus’ head looks like on Minaj’s white-washed body, we dare you to swing by the Mirror. Go on — we dare you.

What do you think about the so-called “fart remix” of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”? Is it a stroke of brilliance or an immature joke? Let us know in the comments.

[Lead image via YouTube]