British Jews Protest In Their Thousands, Say ‘Zero Tolerance’ To Racism

British Jewry has decided that it’s high time to step-up and attempt to deal with the vicious wave of anti-Semitism that has hit the U.K recently.

The International Business Times reported that at least 4,000 people took to the streets of London Sunday as part of a demonstration by “The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAAS).” They marched to the Royal Courts of Justice in London to put their message across.

That message is “zero tolerance” to racism and anti-Semitism, as a statement posted online by the organization said: “Unless we act now to force the issue, anti-Semites will continue to go unpunished, and the nature of British society will change. We must unite to turn the tide.”

The CAAS statement continued that “British Jews are afraid” and that, “Citizens are looking to the police and government to enforce the law with zero-tolerance against anti-Semites, as they do in other cases of racism.”

It’d time that British woke up and smelled the coffee when it comes to Jew hate in Britain and this time round it isn’t the Nazi party. It’s radical Islam that is attacking British Jews in all parts of the country. The Community Security Trust, which works closely with the police, suggested recently that ant-Semitism in the UK was nearly at its worst in history, with 240 incidents noted in July alone.

A number of public figures joined the protest, including political activist and former editor of Searchlight magazine Gerry Gable who said, “Anti-Semitism is like a cancer, it must be stopped.”

A spokesman for CAAS, Johnathan Sacerdoti, said, “It is only through zero-tolerance that the tide of anti-Semitism can be turned. This demand is backed by the full spectrum of Jewish organizations.”

At the protest, all sectors of the Jewish community in the U.K. were visible, including those from secular backgrounds as well as religiously observant Jews.

In the long term, the effectiveness of such a campaign depends on the degree of political support it receives from the government. Unfortunately, it all comes down, eventually, to votes in the ballot box, and which community has the greatest power.

There are close to three million Muslims in the U.K., and Islam is now the second largest religion there. There are around 250,000 Jews.

You only need to do the math…