Henry Rollins Apologizes For Controversial Robin Williams Comments: ‘Take Me To The Woodshed’

Henry Rollins has apologized for the insensitive and controversial comments he made about Robin Williams.

In a list that only seems to grow longer by the day of personalities that said something unpopular about depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide after the tragic death of Robin Williams, Henry Rollins has apologized according to Blabbermouth.

In the weekly column Henry Rollins writes for L.A. Weekly, the legendary punk rocker started out remembering Robin Williams’ magnificent career. He cited all the comic had done for the world and how his acting had changed lives. However, after the initial pleasantries were finished, Henry Rollins took an unpopular slant:

“It’s here where I step off the train. I am sure some will strongly disagree with what I’m about to say. And I also understand that [Williams’] personal struggles were quite real. I can’t argue with that.”

Something major was coming, and with Rollins’ outspoken – no holds barred – history, readers cringed considering the subject matter.

Henry continued in the article:

“How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? I don’t care how well-adjusted your kid might be – choosing to kill yourself, rather than to be there for that child, is every shade of awful, tragic and confusing. I think as soon as you have children you waive your right to take your own life. No matter what mistakes you make in life, it should be your utmost goal not to traumatize your kids. So, you don’t kill yourself.”

Rollins went on to recount how he once knew a girl who was quite happy and outgoing, that is, when she wasn’t crying her eyes out to due to a depression she couldn’t control. When she killed herself, Henry said that no one was surprised, and he added that the worst thing about it was “you knew there was nothing you could do to help.”

Later in the article, Henry Rollins cemented his opinion on suicide:

“When someone negates their existence, they cancel themselves out in my mind. I have many records, books and films featuring people who have taken their own lives, and I regard them all with a bit of disdain.”

As you can imagine, the outcry over Rollins’ comments was immediate. After a period of seeing the impact of his article, Henry wrote the following on his official Facebook Page:

“For the last 9+ hours, I have been answering letters from people from all over the world. The anger is off the scale and in my opinion, well placed. The article I wrote in the L.A. Weekly about suicide has caused a lot of hurt. This is perhaps one of the biggest understatements of all time. I read all the letters. Some of them were very long and the disappointment, resentment and ringing clarity was jarring.”

It does seem as if Henry Rollins came to some sort of epiphany as a result of the response to his article. He continues:

“I am not asking for a break from the caning, take me to the woodshed as much as you see fit. If what I said has caused you to be done with me, I get it. I am deeply sorry, down to my marrow, I can’t think that means anything to you, but I am. Completely sorry. It is not of my interest to hurt anyone but I know I did. Thank you for reading this.”

Henry Rollins stated on his official Facebook Page that the comments above are from a new article he wrote for the L.A. Weekly that will be printed later today. After it’s released, we’ll have to see if those so deeply affected by his original comments will find their way to forgive Henry Rollins.

What do you think? Were his comments out of line, or do you agree with his original statements about suicide and depression? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about Henry Rollins.

image via The World by Road