Buttocks Impaled: Mom Texting While Driving Miraculously Survives

A woman impaled in the buttocks by a guardrail survived to tell about it. Now, the distracted driver has somewhat of a PSA to offer: texting while driving is hazardous to your health.

Wednesday, Christina Jahnz drove to Elizabeth Middle School in Colorado, where her daughter is a student, to deliver the girl's saxophone she had forgotten at home. Moments later, the driver would be impaled in the buttocks -- in an accident that could have been avoided, citing a KHOU news report.

As the distracted mom drove to work, she made a critical error -- she began texting a friend -- that untold numbers of drivers like her make daily. The next moments would change her life forever.

I was running late for a business meeting, so I did a voice text. I looked down to make sure it was all right. The next thing I knew, I was looking up, there was white powder from the air bags deployed."
The woman had struck a pole that impaled her through the buttocks after it first went through the front of her truck and sliced a channel through her thighs. Suddenly, texting while driving takes on an organic persona.

Local firefighters raced to the scene and realized the woman had been impaled through the buttocks by the guardrail. Next, they had to formulate a plan to extricate the woman from the car without causing further injury. Surprisingly, she was conscious throughout the ordeal.

A plan was hatched to use a saw and cut away at the front and rear of the pole in order to remove the woman and take her to a local hospital -- with the object still lodged in her body.

The lucky woman described her time and treatment in the hospital to remove the rail from her body.

I went into surgery and I lost count of the stitches after 40. They stitched me up inside too. I'm truly a miracle. They said if it gone just a little bit the other way I would have bled out."
Luckily, the operation was successful, and four days later, Jahnz was discharged from the hospital. She's not out of the woods yet; doctors said she needs a walker but is expected to recover in time.

She reflected on the events that could have ended fatally. And, unlike many car accidents that involve impairment or speed -- she was only driving 20 mph at the time she was impaled in the buttocks -- hers involved sending text messages while driving.

As she suggested, being distracted and driving can result in tragic circumstances.

It's devastating knowing that I could have prevented it to begin with. I just hope my story helps to save the lives of others. Don't text and drive."
As dangerous as it is to text and drive at the same time, not all states have laws that prohibit the act. The good news is the science is catching up to laws that govern driving, and many suggest distracted drivers are as much of a danger behind the wheel as drunk driver.