Pizza Study Reveals The Best Possible Cheese: And The Winner Is…

A pizza study recently published in the Journal of Food Science and spotted by NPR has revealed the best cheese on a pizza. And while we could try to manufacture a little more suspense than what our headline has already accomplished, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.


That’s right, the cheese that you always assumed was the best for pizza has been scientifically proven to be just that.

According to the origin paper, entitled, “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality,” mozzarella is the pizza cheese champion of the world.

The researchers set out to answer their core question by focusing specifically “on the interplay between cheeses on a pizza once they’re baked,” Gizmodo reports.

In a video, professor Bryony James, who was linked to the pizza study, highlights the group’s methodology, noting that several options were included like cheddar, colby, gruyere, and provolone.

“Using machine vision,” writes Darren Orf, “letting the scientists get objective data from imaging rather than subjective data from taste buds, the team discovered that the reason mozzarella works so well is because of its low free oil content and its overall elasticity, allowing it a chance puff up and blister unlike the competition.”

(Wow, we did NOT think they could make this pizza study sound scientific. Proven wrong.)

In a separate report, NPR writes:

“Cheddar isn’t very elastic, so it barely bubbles… Yet a cheddar pizza will bake to an even, golden brown. In contrast, Gruyere bubbles really well but barely browns. It’s a lot more oily than mozzarella, and the fat keeps the moisture in the cheese from evaporating.

“‘As a home consumer, you might want play around with these things,’ James says. Want a pizza with the traditional blistering, but sharper flavor? Try mixing mozzarella with another cheese.”

This “blended approach” is something the commenters on NPR favored, with user ID Fact Checker noting, “My favorite pizza places use a blend of mozzarella… and provolone (for the robust flavor).”

Luc S adds: “When I make pizza, I use a 50/50 mix of whole milk mozz and provolone.”

What about you, readers? Do you like to stick with just one type of cheese or put together a mix of this-and-that? And if so, what has been the best combination that worked for your pie?

Now if you’ll excuse us, this pizza study has made us hungry. Leave your thoughts in our comments section, and we’ll be back to check them out after our fifth slice.

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