Mozzarella Arrests At An Italian Factory Was For Using Bad Buffalo Cheese

The so-called mozzarella arrests are an odd crime by any stretch of the imagination. In this case a mozzarella cheese factory in Italy was shut down and 13 people were arrested because they were using bad cheese.

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Italian buffalo mozzarella is well known throughout the world for its flavor and texture and even has a special label designating a mark of quality. Carabinieri Police Major Alfonso Pannone says the mozzarella arrests were made because a factory near the southern town of Caserta was cutting down the local buffalo milk with far cheaper imported cow milk in order to save money. But this practice apparently caused a health hazard because the resulting Italian buffalo mozzarella had 20 times the acceptable levels of bacteria contained within the cheesy goodness.

Apparently, the cheese factory knew what it was doing was illegal because it had two public health service agents tipping them off to whenever a health and safety inspection would be carried out. In fact, the factory is said to be so unsafe to work at that one worker lost his fingers due to safety violations. Police arrested the crooked public health service officials in addition to 11 other people from the mozzarella factory. They also shut down seven stores in the Campania region that were selling this brand of buffalo mozzarella.

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