Paula Abdul Storms off X-Factor Set After Contestant Drops Pants

Paula Abdul had a fairly strong visceral reaction to one of the contestants on the “X Factor,” in a clip that’s making the web rounds.

In the clip, “internet blogger” Geo Godley seemed like your standard comic-relief contestant. Somewhat older, scads creepier and obviously less performance-focused than your average TV talent show contender, Godley showed up in a bizarre velvety silver leisure suit to perform a song he’d written.

But not long into the performance- as the words “stud” came up- Godley dropped his pants, much to the disgust of the crowd and judges. Paula Abdul in particular was very affected by the crass performance, although notably, the reaction could very well have been staged. While crowd shots as well as the judge reactions seem to indicate Godley entirely flashed the crowd- or even more plainly, that he is waving his dangle at them- what the giant “X” over the area does not reveal is that the contestant is actually wearing a thong.

As harried parents whisk kids out of the auditorium and Abdul gags, Godley isn’t made to stop- which should be a clue right there that the scene was a bit overwrought. Abdul then flees the judges’ table, and later commented:

“Something wasn’t right. It was like, ‘This isn’t a real, serious contender.’ Then, when he started stripping, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ It immediately turned into being very shocking and disgusting. I felt bad. There were parents in the audience with their kids and seeing them leave the arena was very frustrating.”

Abdul also sniffed:

“It was completely inappropriate, and as you can see, a little bit delusional of him to say ‘I have another song’. The fact that he thought that it would be OK to do that is just rather disgusting.”

Full clip below- did Paula Abdul overreact, based on the fact it wasn’t nudity?