Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess Reportedly Expecting Child Again 10 Weeks After Miscarriage

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant again just 10 weeks after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, sources close to the Duchess are claiming.

For weeks this spring and early summer, there were reports that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting her second child, but a little more than two months ago, reports emerged that she had miscarried.

Now, the UK’s Globe has a report that Kate and Prince William are indeed pregnant again. The revelation will be published in the September 8 edition of the tabloid, and was teased online:

“Happy tidings! Prince Williams’ wife Kate is pregnant just 10 weeks after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, according to a source close the Duchess. Learn all the details and read about the thrilled couple’s joy over their “miracle baby.”

The report offered little more in the way of evidence, as have all Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors in recent months. Instead it appeared to rely solely on unnamed sources.

The pregnancy rumor does seem to confirm other reports that Kate Middleton is anxious to have more children. A source told the Sunday Express that Middleton said two kids may not even be enough for her:

“Kate has been talking about having at least three children, which is why she is keen to be pregnant again. The Duke would probably be happy with two but Kate is very close to her brother and sister and there is a sense that as she is one of three, she would like to have three herself.”

Kate comes from a family of three, with younger brother James and younger sister Pippa, and sources say she wants at least three children of her own.

Though the Globe reports that the “miracle baby” is official, Kate Middleton has offered no word whether she truly is pregnant.