Two More Kids For Kate Middleton? Duchess Reportedly Wants Prince George To Be One Of Three

Kate Middleton is loving her role as mum to Prince George – and a source told the Sunday Express the royal is anxious to have more children. Mere weeks after George celebrated his first year, Middleton said two kids may not even be enough for her:

“Kate has been talking about having at least three children, which is why she is keen to be pregnant again. The Duke would probably be happy with two but Kate is very close to her brother and sister and there is a sense that as she is one of three, she would like to have three herself.”

Kate is the oldest of three— her younger siblings are brother James and sister Pippa — so she knows from first hand experience what it would like for Prince George. Her son, however, has the not-always-enviable task of growing up as heir to the throne. While she grew up in virtual anonymity, her children will always be in the public eye. Kate herself is a magnet for media attention and indiscreet paparazzi snaps.

Kate and Prince William, however, seem to be committed to doing things differently when it comes to the royal traditions of raising children. Prince George spent his first birthday last month with his family. As the Toronto Star reported, George’s birthday celebration with his parents, close friends and relatives in attendance was in stark contrast to his father’s. When Prince William turned one, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were on tour in Canada.

Charles and Diana had called William’s nanny, but heard only “a few squeaks” from the future husband of Kate Middleton.

The Express source also said Kate and William are taking steps to solidify their family life, as their home in Norfolk is ready for occupancy and William retrains as an air ambulance pilot:

“The couple are hugely excited about spending more time in Norfolk. They feel like caged animals at Kensington Palace but in Norfolk can live the kind of life they enjoyed on Anglesey. There are no paparazzi waiting on the doorstep. It’s the perfect place to bring up a young family.”

As US Magazine recently revealed, Kate Middleton is planning her first official solo visit next month. She will spend two days in Malta celebrating the nation’s 50th anniversary of independence. Chances are strong that media will watch the event closely, and be quick to speculate on any possible baby bumps.

[Image: Getty Images]