Prince Harry To Inherit $17 Million On 30th Birthday As Part Of Late Mother’s Will

Prince Harry is about to become a very rich 30-year-old. It’s not that he has been lacking for anything in the financial department since members of the royal family in Britain don’t tend to have money issues.

Nevertheless, the young prince is to become independently wealthy, a multi-millionaire in fact, when he hits hit 30th birthday in mid-September.

Like something out of Brewster’s Millions, the large sum of cash currently on its way to Prince Harry’s bank account was stipulated in Princess Diana’s will, and is the same amount Harry’s older brother, Prince William, received when her turned 30.

Even though Harry is set to receive a larger amount than his brother — due to the accumulated interest on the money over the last two years — the money from the will comes from a trust fund Diana set up to her two sons before her tragic and untimely death in 1997.

The Daily Mail reported that in her original will, drawn up in 1993, Princess Diana stipulated that both princes would be entitled to their entire share of the capital on reaching 25. However, details of the will were changed by a variation order granted by the High Court on December 19, 1997, three months after her premature death in a Paris car crash.

The late Princess of Wales’ estate comprised of stocks, shares, jewelry, and cash from her divorce settlement, as well as dresses and other personal belongings in her Kensington Palace apartment.

In her will, Princess Diana stipulated that the her money would be split equally between her two sons, even though William will inherit income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate when he becomes Prince of Wales.

The Express reported that in addition to the windfall Prince Harry is about to get, as his royal bank account gets filled to the rafters with inheritance money, he doesn’t do badly financially in any event. He already earns around $66,000 annually for his job as an army captain.

But the inheritance payout is just part of a series of items due to the princes when they turn 30. For example, Princess Diana’s famous wedding dress will be given to the royal brothers now that Harry is turning 30.