David Beckham Injured In Motorcycle Accident – But Don’t Worry, He’s ‘OK’!

David Beckham lost control of his motorcycle after being followed by the paparazzi and tumbled off his bike in the middle of a street on Thursday.

Beckham has been taking advantage of his retirement by taking time to enjoy some of his favorite hobbies, including riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, one day of his retirement was especially scary and could have turned out far worse than it did.

According to TMZ, Beckham had just left Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood on his custom-built Super Vintage 93″ Knuckle when he lost control of the bike on Sunset Strip. David fell off the bike and left it there in the middle of the street until he could get some friends from the tattoo parlor to help him recover it.

Eyewitnesses saw employees from the tattoo parlor and Beckham collect his motorcycle and roll it back to the shop.

Sources who know Beckham said that the motorcycle accident happened when Beckham swerved to avoid paparazzi that were following him.

According to Fox, although it appeared that David Beckham was not injured in the accident right after it happened, he was later seen wearing a bandage around his wrist.

E! News reported that a source claimed that “David is OK” on Friday.

David Beckham

Sources claim that the accident happened when Beckham tried to avoid hitting another vehicle that had swerved toward him in the chaotic scene caused by a swarm of paparazzi.

The paparazzi are known to be relentless in getting pictures of Beckham, his wife Victoria Beckham, and even their four children when the situation presents itself. Many celebrities have called upon the government to enable tougher laws against aggressive paparazzi. Although the laws in California protect children under certain circumstances from the paparazzi, the celeb-chasers do not hesitate to get a great shot of popular celebrities.

David has not yet commented on the motorcycle accident or about the paparazzi’s involvement in the dangerous situation.

David Beckham was recently the star of a documentary called Into The Unknown earlier in the summer. The documentary followed Beckham through Brazil as he enjoyed hitting the road on his motorcycle and had no trouble rolling through the Amazon, according to Fox.

Beckham has been in enough accidents over the past two years. According to TMZ, last year David Beckham was involved in an accident in his Range Rover just after pulling out of his own driveway in Beverly Hills.

[Images via Twitter and Splash News]