Wisconsin Library Starts Providing iPad Checkouts For e-Book Reading

The Eau Claire public library in Wisconsin has taken library checkouts in the 21st century by providing users with the ability to check out iPads for reading purposes.

According to the library each of their 44 available iPad rentals are stocked full with 1,000 books, ten audio books and various apps for reading and user enjoyment purposes.

Other libraries around the country have rolled out Amazon Kindle and other e-reader programs however this library is believed to be the first to offer such a program on a large scale and with Apple based products. Kindle still has a rather large advantage over this Apple iPad project, providing Kindle e-book rentals to more than 11,000 libraries around the country.

To qualify for the iPad rental patrons must have a library card to verify their residence and they must have less than $10 in overdue book fines.

For users toying with the idea of buying one of the Apple tablets it could be a great testing ground and heading on vacation with a few good books can be a lot easier thanks to the program.

What do you think about the new iPad library rental program?