Boko Haram Beheads 6-Year-Old Christian Boy

Boko Haram has beheaded a 6-year-old boy simply for being a Christian.

According to new reports from Christian Today and several other websites, the child was killed on June 1, but news of the attack didn’t make it global until this week.

The attack reportedly occurred in Attagara, Gwoza district, Borno State, which is known as being a predominantly Christian community in the region.

Previous reports have indicated that more than 100 militants belonging to Boko Haram sieged the village and slaughtered men, women, and children reporting to be Christians.

The terrorists practice what can only be called a radical, extremist form of Islam, and they’ve made both Christians and Shiite Muslims their targets.

The Attagara attack occurred at the beginning of Sunday church services a few months ago, witnesses claim.

Villagers were cut with machetes and fired upon with assault weapons. Sawaltha Wandala, one of the villagers, told Voice of the Martyrs that he arrived at church for the second service when he saw children being massacred.

“One six-year-old boy had been slashed and thrown into a ditch, but he was alive,” the site reported. “Wandala picked him up and was carrying him to a hospital in Cameroon, when he was stopped by five of the militants.”

The men reportedly jerked the child from Wandala’s arms and beheaded him on the spot, then used tree branches to beat the 55-year-old before hitting him in the head with a rock and leaving him for dead.

Survivor John Yakuba shared a harrowing story of his own ordeal:

Boko Haram insurgents spotted him entering the house, and quickly captured him. “We know you’re John,” the militants said to him. “You must convert to Islam or else you will die a painful death.”

When John refused, the men tied him to a tree binding his arms and legs. The men hacked both of John’s hands with a heavy knife and mocked him. “Can you become a Muslim now?”

“You can kill my body, but not my soul,” John shouted in pain.

John’s feet and back were said to have been repeatedly cut with a knife. An axe was also used to “cut so deeply into his knee that it reached the bone.”

John passed out from the pain and was left for dead, but he somehow survived.

Christians in the region have called on the Nigerian government to help stop the slaughter and repel the Boko Haram group from the region.

Do you think members of Boko Haram should be killed on sight, or is there any chance of negotiating a truce?