Was Justin Bieber Provoked At Dave & Buster’s? Lunging Video ‘Speaks For Itself’ Says Accusers’ Lawyer

A couple accusing Justin Bieber of “lunging” at them in a Dave & Buster’s eatery last week, reportedly recorded a video that shows part of the alleged incident — according to their lawyer Gloria Allred. However, an NBC reporter who interviewed witnesses at the restaurant on the night, said they claimed Bieber was taunted by the accuser(s).

Justin Bieber is accused of lunging at a couple – previously incorrectly described as fans – during a date with Selena Gomez at Dave & Buster’s restaurant in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles last week.

The couple’s lawyer, Gloria Allred — known for taking cases against celebrities and once described as “a longtime master of the press conference” — claims the video will “speak for itself.”

Bieber, Gomez, pal Xavier “Lil Za” Smith and the Canadian singer’s bodyguards visited a Dave & Buster’s in the Hollywood and Highland Center on Monday, August 25.

During their night at the arcade and sports eatery, Los Angeles Police Department officers responded at around 9:30 pm to a report claiming someone in Bieber’s camp had possibly attempted to steal a man’s cellphone, after the man took photos and recorded footage of Bieber and Gomez.

After officers left the scene, an LAPD spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times, KTLA 5 News, ABC 7 Eyewitness News and other media: “There’s been no theft, no scuffle and no crime occurred.”

Spokeswoman Officer Sara Faden added that a male accuser videoed the famous couple and Bieber’s security team had asked if they could see the video footage. It was reported the man refused Bieber’s bodyguards’ request, and it was then that the LAPD were called.

However, as is nearly always the case with allegations that go on to become civil claims, the LAPD’s first determination that no robbery, scuffle or crime took place is not the end of the matter.

Bieber is under investigation by the LAPD for alleged attempted theft, attempted robbery and attempted battery, based on a claim by the male accuser and his female partner, who were with their two-year-old toddler at Dave & Buster’s bizarrely late at night.

The couple claim Bieber “lunged” in an attempt to grab the man’s cellphone. It’s presumed and alleged that the “Believe” singer was trying to delete video and photos. This past week saw that claim blow up to an accusation that Bieber actually “slapped” the female accuser.

However, there has been a step back from that allegation, and it may not have originated from the present accusers.

The couple’s attorney, Allred, spoke to TMZ in a video interview as she left the station of the LAPD’s Hollywood division.

Allred confirmed she is representing “two clients,” and is claiming they were “victimized” by Bieber. She revealed the cellphone video has been turned over to the LAPD, and that her clients are “cooperating with the police investigation.”

Of that video, TMZ claim law enforcement sources allege Bieber is seen lunging. But it’s unclear if the 20-year-old’s alleged lunging was directed to the man or the woman or both — or if it is proof of an attempted crime.

The gossip outlet claims police said Bieber didn’t make physical contact with the accusers, and the website previously claimed that the pop star’s bodyguards held him back.

When asked by TMZ’s photog if her clients were pressing charges, Allred replied:

“We have a video that captures some of it [the alleged attack] and we are looking forward to a full investigation of this matter.”

Allred insisted she wouldn’t “disclose” what is purportedly on her clients’ cell phone video, or whether it was Bieber or his bodyguards who allegedly “lunged” at the couple. Instead, the 73-year-old attorney repeated, “We have video.”

Gloria continued: “We want to be sure that the police have all the facts, and they’ll make a decision as to what is best, and whether the City Attorney and District Attorney will decide whether or not there should be a prosecution.”

At that point in the video, the photog told Allred:

“We have multiple accounts of people that were at Dave & Buster’s that night, that claim that your client was nowhere near Justin Bieber at the time — not even within reaching distance. What do you have to say to that?”

Allred replied, “We’re looking forward to the full investigation.”

TMZ’s lensman then asked, “You’re saying that you have video that says to the contrary?”

To which, Allred simply said, “I think the video will speak for itself.”

The Inquisitr notes that in addition to the LAPD’s statement that “no theft,” “no scuffle” and “no crime” was committed by Bieber at Dave & Buster’s, Mail Online previously reported a police spokeswoman stated the claims against the singer were a “big lot of nothing.”.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez At West Hollywood Diner

(Photo: Bieber and Gomez pictured on their date at Dave & Buster’s on the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard at the Hollywood and Highland Center on August 25. It opened to the public for the first time that night.)

Crucially, the issue of provocation is reportedly in play.

On the night of the alleged Bieber incident, after NBC Los Angeles reporter Gadi Schwartz initially relayed reports online, he went to Dave & Busters, arriving while the Biebs was still at the eatery playing an arcade game.

After speaking to witnesses, Schwartz tweeted that one witness claimed the accuser [ the gender wasn’t specified ] was “out of line.”

In another tweet — which Schwartz deleted for unknown reasons — he reported that a second witness claimed Bieber yelled at the accuser(s) only after he was “taunted.”

It remains to be seen whether Allred’s clients’ cell phone video is “smoking gun” proof of a “lunging” attack without reasonable cause by Bieber, who was recently handed a two year probation sentence after pleading no contest in an egging-related vandalism case.

Moreover, if the reported provocation is proven and Bieber’s alleged “lunging” didn’t make contact with the couple, where is the crime or basis for the accusers’ inevitable civil suit for damages?

The LAPD reportedly want to interview Bieber about the alleged incident next week.

Further information on this ongoing investigation may then be revealed.

(Video: A claim that Bieber slapped a female at Dave & Buster’s on August 25 was alleged by the supposed witness in the video above. That claim may be fraudulent on the basis of this KTLA 5 News interview. Note: The man who is featured is not thought to be the male accuser represented by Gloria Allred.)