WWE: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Didn’t Collapse Or Have Drugs, But Brain Cancer Still A Concern

When WWE news reports discussed seeing Jake “the Snake” Roberts hospitalized almost all of them talked about him collapsing. But it turns out some of the details that came out along the way were wrong although everyone is still concerned about the detected brain abnormality being cancer. The good news is that the lump in the brain may have a more simple explanation.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jake the Snake was trying to get back in health with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. In the summer, it seemed like he had done a DDT on cancer by having a baseball-sized tumor removed from his leg, but during this recent bout with double pneumonia the doctors detected something potentially even worse.

Sinn Bodhi, who has been with Jake the Snake in Las Vegas, knows the whole story as an eyewitness. He recently spoke to Bill Apter of 1wrestling.com in the above video in order to clear some of the confusion surrounding Jake the Snake’s health updates.

Previous reports did get the detail correct that Roberts was told by a doctor in Atlanta that he had the flu and was ordered to sleep it off. But Jake did not collapse during his flight to Las Vegas on Wednesday. Instead, Jake felt so poorly during the plane trip that he alerted the flight crew to his difficulty in breathing and they arranged for an ambulance to rush him to the hospital.

It turns out that rumor may have mistakenly started with Diamond Dallas Page on social media although the true story was that Jake the Snake was unconscious during his treatment in the ICU. The lawyer says the 24 hour coma was medically induced by doctors in order to treat the pneumonia under controlled conditions. It is true that his lungs had filled with fluid and he’s still being treated aggressively for lung function.

There has also been a lot of talk about Jake the Snake leading an unhealthy lifestyle prior to these medical maladies. It was even speculated that the detected brain abnormality had something to do with a drug addiction or alcohol. But any previous bad habits do not have any bearing on the current health scare since his lawyer says Jake has been off drugs and alcohol for a while and he also received a clean bill of health from his PET scan earlier this year.

In the end, the possibility of Jake the Snake Roberts having brain cancer is the scary part. Doctors are still investigating the lumpy mass found on his brain but, besides a tumor, neurologists are also looking into the possibility that the brain abnormality is simply the result of Roberts having his head slammed into the ring for so many years. Either way, friends and family continue to ask everyone to pray for him during these trials.