Jay Z And Beyonce Divorce? Cheating, Fighting Rumors Run Wild, And So Do Ticket Sales

Speculations over a Jay Z and Beyonce divorce have been running wild lately, with the tabloids running stories about cheating and elevator fights to their heart’s content. But are all these so-called insider sources completely bogus and perhaps the rumors are being perpetuated by the celebrity couple themselves?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some of the rumors have Jay Z cheating with Rihanna of all things, but if anything she has enough boyfriend problems with Drake without having to add someone else’s troubles into the equation.

In the world of celebrity reporting practically everyone is divorcing and/or cheating with someone (don’t forget the copious amount of drugs!). If I were a celebrity, I probably would be getting a divorce right now and I wouldn’t even know about it.

First off, let’s see what the latest drama there is being repeated ad nauseum by Jay Z and Beyonce divorce squad. The story starts with the insinuation that the “relationship between RiRi and Hova has reportedly gotten so strained that Jay was a no-show at a planned appearance at Rihanna’s recent Los Angeles concert.” This is of course due to Beyonce being so jealous of her husband’s relationship with RiRi. The narrative being written for us is that “Jay Z’s reputation for womanizing is supposedly” so bad the “rapper decided on his own to avoid the Rihanna concert. After all, showing up would have reignited the Rihanna affair rumors, which would only further hurt his reputation and business ventures.”

And this is where the usual sources are trotted out in order to give legitimacy to the story.

“Rihanna was extremely surprised and later said she wouldn’t be surprised if Beyoncé told him not to go,” a source said. “Rihanna is used to being the center of attention of the men in her life. Even though Rihanna is on Jay’s Roc Nation label, it was a big slight to her that he didn’t show up.”

And of course Beyonce and Jay Z are having problems.

“She kept their circle tight to make sure no pretty girl could take his attention,” a source said of Beyoncé’s relationship with Jay Z. “[But after the elevator fight], a lot came out. She didn’t know the extent of his reputation before.”

And that’s where the final nail in the divorce coffin is driven.

“She’s heard all the rumors about Jay fooling around, and she can’t take it anymore,” a source said of Beyoncé. “The romance is over…. She and Jay have always had huge blow-ups where he leaves furious. They fight about everything, but cheating and jealousy have always been the big issues. Their relationship is volatile.”

So let’s do a little reality check here. It’s now claimed by their very own publicist that the Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors were faked in order to boost poor ticket sales. To give proof to that statement, they were even spotted having lunch together and a VMA backstage video showing them together is just icing on the cake (still, reports did say they fought a bit after the VMA awards were over, but what married couple doesn’t fight?). Tina Knowles also spoke out on the Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors, calling the couple “perfect” in regards to their relationship. Matthew Knowles began referencing a “jedi mind trick” and it soon became clear the only fools being bamboozled by the Force were the fans buying up tickets due to the rumors. Of course, if that was their strategy then earlier reports from August claim the prices of tickets barely budged and the only noticeable blip on the radar was when the couple was supposedly avoiding the Kardashians.

So next time you see anyone talking about Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors you should probably be a little more jaded… even if they do call Beyonce Knowles pregnant.