Florida Shark Attack Barely Avoided On 2014 Video: ‘Get Out Of The Water!’

A Florida shark attack was barely avoided by two people swimming in the surf when a hammerhead shark began circling them. People high up in a penthouse at the Silver Beach Towers in Destin, near Fort Walton Beach, took the video and tried to warn the couple about the oncoming shark fin but they barely seemed to notice.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a great white shark attack video from the SharkCam shows what is like when the apex predator bites down right in front of your face.

The two swimmers depicted in the video almost found out what a hammerhead shark looks like close up. Even though the water was hardly higher than their knees the ocean predator began creeping ever closer. People on the beach and also up in the high rise buildings attempted to shout warning but apparently they could not hear them over the sound of the surf.

If you watch the shark video, it is not until the shark breaks the water that the pair notices they are in danger and skedaddle for the shore line. Fortunately, it appears the hammerhead shark was hunting stingray and not human, because the creature disappeared with its meal shortly later. The hammerhead shark can grow up to 20 feet long and out of the 11 known species only three have been known to attack humans.

The recent rise of the number of shark attacks in some parts of Florida has at least one local government attempting to ban shark fishing and chumming on beaches and wherever there is swimmers. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the highest rate of shark attacks have occurred in Volusia, Brevard and Palm Beach counties. Brevard County specifically has seen a quick rise in its numbers, already beating the amount for last year.