Nicole Scherzinger Hot Body Secret: Singer’s Viking Method Workout Blasts Fat

Nicole Scherzinger is hot, and she’s a fan of The Viking Method Workout. The hip new routine helps the sexy singer maintain her flawless form. One look at the shapely diva proves that she was blessed with good genetics, but that’s not the only thing that keeps her looking like a twenty-something pop star well into her thirties. Nicole Scherzinger isn’t afraid to sweat, and her hard work is reflected in her perfect body, grace and strength.

According to Yahoo!, when it comes to health and fitness Scherzinger takes her cue from London trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir, and the self-described fitness fanatic recently spoke about the reasons why the age-defying Pussycat Doll takes her workouts seriously.

“Nicole works hard to maintain her womanly curves but she doesn’t just work out for her looks; she exercises for the way it makes her feel – healthy, strong, speedy and powerful. Exercise is empowering and Nicole believes in its psychological rewards.”

Scherzinger even lends her endorsement to The Viking Method Workout website, which includes the following quote from the singer. “I am a viking.”

While Nicole Scherzinger uses The Viking Method to maintain her muscular and feminine curves, the workout has benefits for women who are looking to minimize their curves, too. Sigbertsdottir explained the advantages of the system, reported Yahoo!

“The plan is not about dropping a dress size – that’s a by product of the programme – it’s about experiencing the power, agility, grace and strength your body naturally has…. The workouts are challenging but fun. One minute you’ll feel like you’re playing outside with friends and the next, boom, you’ve smashed a fat-blasting workout.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Scherzinger made quite a splash when she participated in the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Pussycat Dolls singer wore a teeny bikini top and a small pair of shorts. Just a hint of her green bikini bottoms were visible above the waistband of her tiny swim trunks. With her skimpy attire, she easily made fans overlook the fact that there didn’t seem to be any ice in her bucket. Instead, an assistant unceremoniously threw a plastic pail of water directly in her face as she braced herself gamely for the shock of the cold water.

The graceful singer chose a particularly picturesque setting for her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. She stood on a sandy beach in the sunshine as sailboats bobbed in the ocean behind her and people frolicked in the surf. After being doused with water, Nicole Scherzinger happily nominated Canadian singer Kiesza, songwriter Tricky Stewart and rapper The Dream to take the challenge.

[Image via Instagram]