John Cena Going Heel: The Only Way Lesnar Rematch Makes Sense

John Cena suffered a humiliating squash match by the hands of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and ever since that night, we’ve been trying to wrap our brains around the logic of putting them together again so soon.

Having Cena win a rematch would bury all momentum the WWE is trying to build for Lesnar ahead of a rumored main event at next year’s WrestleMania. Even having him come close to a victory but fall short would fray the monster heel edge the Beast Incarnate and manager Paul Heyman have crafted.

Doing another squash would be a great disservice to the John Cena character and break a lot of kids’ hearts; not to mention, it would be a waste of viewer time.

No, nothing about the Night of Champions main event makes sense, except…

John Cena going heel is the shot in the arm Night of Champions and his struggling character so desperately need because no one really expects it. Sure, we all know it’s a possibility. We’ve talked about it. We’ve seen the media talk about it. But it always comes back to T-shirt sales and Make-A-Wish appearances.

Why would the WWE jeopardize all of that goodwill and good fortune by sending their golden boy over to the dark side?

Quite simply, it’s because of this unexpected, “They’d never do it in a million years” attitude that the WWE and John Cena need to give us something worth talking about.

The “Cena Sucks” chants will follow good guy John Cena around as long as he’s an active face with the company. There is the possibility he could go away for a while and then come back as a face to the roar of the crowd, but for now, there are too many negative chants for the character to truly be “over” at the top of a pay-per-view card.

He has stagnated, and the audience is ready for him to turn. But how should it happen?

It could start with him digging deep and going to the places he refused to go for Bray Wyatt, as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paul Heyman discuss on a recent episode of Austin’s podcast. Heyman notes that Cena would have to become a “Paul Heyman guy” in order to beat Lesnar because “hustle, loyalty, and respect” aren’t getting it done any more.

We couldn’t agree more. But what do you think, readers? Is a John Cena heel turn possible, and would it be the boost Cena’s career needs at this point?