Watch Macho Men Meet Fluffy Kittens And See The Power Of Cats To Reach The Human Heart

What happens when a bunch of big, tough dudes meet up with a bunch of lovable, fluffy kittens? The macho men in this BuzzFeed video are fearless enough to find out, and we think the results will touch your heart — no many how many tattoos you have across your chest.

The video takes place at the Kitty Bungalow Charm School For Wayward Cats in Los Angeles, which makes the charm that these kitties work on our group of manly dudes even more remarkable. These kittens were feral before they came under the wing of the Kitty Bungalow, but after some loving care, their inner adorability rises to the surface and takes over.

“We take special care in socializing feral kittens and graduating Ivy League lap cats into life long loving homes,” says Kitty Bungalow on its website. “Our mission is to provide all cats able to adjust to indoor life with a warm and loving lifelong home, while providing those cats who need to continue living outdoors with a caring colony manager, assuring all cats, lap or otherwise, a humane and happy existence.”

Like most animal organizations, Kitty Bungalow is always in need of help, so you can visit their site at this link to find out how. But first, you’ll want to see the magic they work on their wayward kittens in action, as the kitties turn the least likely cat people you’ll ever meet into, well, big softies.