Kanye West Wants To Spread His Actor Wings In Comedy

Kanye West has made mention several times in the past that he wanted to get into acting.

More specifically, West has been mumbling about being in a “laugh out loud” comedy flick. The inspiration may have come from his cameo appearance in Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues last year.

Will Ferrell told ContactMusic that having Kanye West on the set of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was nothing less of memorable as he is a fan of the “Mercy” rapper, who incorporated his music a lot in the filming process.

“It was very surreal to have Kanye — who’s such a big fan of comedy — in our movie hanging out for two days. He was playing the new tracks a lot — over and over. Even when you’re trying to film, he’s playing the tracks.”

ContactMusic states that agents have been on the lookout for comedy movies for West, but so far no one has scratched his acting itch.

Kim Kardashian’s husband has also made appearances on the TV show Entourage and the movie The Love Guru.

Being unable to get a slot in a comedy movie may be because of West’s often one-sided opinions and antics. He certainly is talented in his own right, but he’s been known to get overly passionate at times.

Kanye’s most famous opinion came during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where he welcomed himself on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech of her award for Best Female Video, claiming Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” which was also in the running for the award, was “one of the best videos of all time.”

The outburst got plenty of moaning from the audience and a ton of backlash from the media. Even President Obama had a very famous and blunt opinion about West’s behavior during 2009 VMAs.

Kanye West has had beef with the president of the free world ever since.

West even went off on veteran hip-hop journalist Sway on his radio show Sway In The Morning back in late 2013. Sway reassured West over and over that he was a fan, but it did not work against his wrath at first.

He wed Kim Kardashian in Italy early this year. They have one child together, 1-year old North West, who was born last year.

The Kardashian-West union came with a little drama. Apparently, some of Kim and Kayne’s close friends, most notably Jay Z and Beyoncé, were no shows at their ceremony. Kim’s own brother, Rob Kardashian, did not make the trip either.

Kardashian said he was embarrassed by his image, as he’s gained noticeable weight over the years and did not want to be a distraction. Jay Z and Beyoncé were believed to have given similar excuses — not wanting to deflect attention from the happy couple. But others believe it was a diss.

In fact, Hollywood Life says Kim walked out during Beyoncé’s 2014 VMA performance, possibly because she’s still salty about Queen Bey skipping out on her and Kanye’s wedding.