Flight 370: Malaysia Airlines Plane Search Area Shifts Due To New Information

Flight 370 has not been located six months after it vanished, but researchers now say that a new lead might turn up some key evidence in the case. According to CBS News, new analysis of a failed phone call attempt made to the plane by a satellite phone suggests that the plane turned south earlier than what was originally believed. A new search area has been identified, but crews have not shifted their search in the vast Indian Ocean just yet.

“We think we may extend that area farther south; that’s the thing we’re currently considering,” said Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Martin Dolan.

Based on the new information, Dolan says that he plans to discuss the new search area with international experts next week. If there is enough evidence, crews may shift their locations.

Flight 370 has been a mystery for many people. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several conspiracy theories have surfaced over the past several months, and some people are finding them more believable than actually thinking that the plane just crashed in the ocean due to a fire on board or a pilot error of some kind.

While there has been a great deal of information to be analyzed, experts say that processing it all has not been easy — and it hasn’t even been possible in some ways, such as the phone calls that have now become bigger clues.

“Investigators have long been aware of the phone calls, but it has taken until recently for them to develop methods to analyze the phone data to glean clues about the plane’s direction. It was through a similar analysis of satellite data from the plane’s jet engine transmitter that investigators were able to define the current search area.”

Flight 370 could really be anywhere, but experts still say the plane is in the Indian Ocean. As for the reasons behind not finding any debris? That may have to do with the vastness of the particular area. According to The Wall Street Journal, finding the aircraft remains key in order to get the answers that so many seek.

“[Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said that] the mystery of Flight 370 wouldn’t be solved until the wreckage of the aircraft had been located and the flight data recorders, known as black boxes, had been recovered from the seabed.”

What do you think happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories?

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]