Lawyer Ridiculed By Judge For ‘Dressing Like Harry Potter’

Harry Potter, though British, has had quite a bit of fame in America. What started as a phenomena in writing eventually turned to a box office hit in cinema. Even now that the franchise of both literature and film has run its course, there has been talks of a sequel book and film, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Courtrooms were once stuffy, wig wearing, and proper in the days of our British ancestry in America. However, the likes of the People’s Court, Judge Judy, and other daytime court shows have produced successful reality shows of ridiculousness.

It is a fair question to ask what the relation is between the Harry Potter and court rooms, and, until now, nothing. In America there would be no correlation. In England, the land that still carries on the wig-wearing traditions of yesteryear, Harry Potter look-a-like took on a new meaning.

Most would not think looking like or dressing like Mr. Potter would get you in any trouble, but apparently in some cases, it can. Harry Potter was not on trial, but according to reporting by Wales Online, a British judge “reprimanded” a defense lawyer in court for “dressing like Harry Potter.”

:”A judge has reprimanded a defence lawyer for dressing ‘like something out of Harry Potter.’ Judge David Wynn Morgan asked the lawyer, who had been referring to himself as Lord Harley, why he was wearing colourful ribbons and badges on his gown.”

Granted, it is not unusual to see this kind of behavior in a reality TV show court room here in America, but in a place where the judge wears a wig, it does seem unusual. Unfortunately, the berating of the defense attorney did not end there, according to the United Kingdom’s Express.

“Have you ever seen a barrister or a solicitor appear before these courts with badges on his gown?’

“The prosecutor confirmed that he had not.

“Judge Morgan said: ‘Here in South Wales, we had a barrister, who later became a judge, who, during the Battle of Normandy, was awarded the highest order of gallantry, the Victoria Cross.’

“‘Did you ever see him wearing that medal? No. He would have considered it the height of vulgarity.'”

Dr. Alan Blacker-Twitter

He concluded by telling the defense lawyer that if he appeared in court again “looking like something out of Harry Potter,” he would “exercise his right to decline” to hear him. According to Wales Online, he had received the medal in question for voluntary medical service.

It is unclear what prompted this degradation of the defense lawyer and Harry Potter, but it certainly would appear to be unwarranted. He has since responded:

“I am shocked to the core that my position has been questioned – which is I feel reflective of the sacrifice of thousands of men who have died for the freedoms that are referred to in the title of Lord Harley for almost 1,100 years.”

Harry Potter has yet to respond. Perhaps he should respond as this defense lawyer did. Either way, was this an appropriate statement from a sitting judge, British or otherwise? Is this an offense against Harry Potter or the lawyer? What are your thoughts?

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